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Latest update - 13th April 2023

Latest Announcements

We now have an office in the netherlands, this is manned by piet Schoutese.

Rockin 50s radio is getting bigger, we now have 30 presenters and each one will bring you a diffrent show each can join us live by going to




Further Announcements Coming Soon.

20th March 2020

Kings Of Rock 'n' Roll 2020 Cancelled

Find out your options by clicking here.


19th July 2019

2021 Events announced

(See Events Calendar)

Newsletter sent out.


6th June 2019

St. Ives and Sandy Glade 2020 added.

Availability for all events brought up to date.


4th June 2019

All photographs moved to one "cloud".


28th May 2019

St. Ives photographs added to gallery.



15th March - 30th April 2019


Southport Jive 2 added

Kings Of Rock & Roll added

Southport Jive 3 added

John Fowler events updated with new contact


30th September 2018


Update and general revision of site. Latest Jamboree 4 flyer and booking form added.


27th August 2018


BJC Banner updated and "Welcome" added from the archives.


26th August 2018


Booking form for Jamboree 4 replaced to take into account refurbished rooms.


24th August 2018


Southport Jive Flyer replaced with new version (my life can be extemely frustrating at times).


19th August 2018


Details added for our new event in Southport, November 2019


2nd August 2018

The Riviera Hotel has informed us that in future refurbished rooms will have an additional charge of £10 per night. At present there are 20 refurbished rooms of which 15 are available on a first come first served basis.


1st August 2018

Site updated after Jamboree 3



15th June 2018

St Ives & Sandy Glade 2019 finished


9th June 2018

St. Ives latest details added



5th June 2018

John Fowler Weekends updated


3rd June 2018

Jamboree 4 booking added


14th May 2018

Splinterwood hours altered.


5th May 2018

Jamboree 4 details added to site.


25th March 2018

Details of John Fowler's South Bay 2019 added to site.



12th February 2018

Valentine Jive 2 photographs added to site.


11th February 2018

Jamboree 3 details updated.


13th November 2017

Details of John Fowler's weekends added to site.


10th November 2017

Our first Newsletter sent out. If you want to be added to the mailing list contact us at


8th September 2017


More sets of pictures added to the Gallery



August 29th 2017


All of the pictures from Jamboree 2, South Bay and Valentine Jive have been added to the gallery.


August 28th 2017


We moved our site from Webs to 4UHosting because of lack of space.