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Terms and Conditions

By signing and returning our booking form you will have entered into a legal and binding contract with Bristol Jive Club and Rockin' 50s will be deemed that you have read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions, furthermore that you agree to be bound by them.

Bookings which are made via, the telephone, email, or through our web site will also enter you into a legal and binding contract with Bristol Jive Club and Rockin' 50s Promotions, which is subject to our normal terms and conditions. It will be deemed that you have taken the time to read these terms on line, to have understood them and agree to be bound by them.



All bookings are subject to the approval of Bristol Jive Club and Rockin' 50's Promotions. and we reserve the right to decline a booking if we so wish. Should you have a booking request declined, we will in writing supply you with our reasons for declining your booking if you so wish.

All deposits paid to secure a reservation on one of our events are  non-refundable, as we will have  paid them into a hotel holding account to secure the monies for the unlikely event  that an event should be cancelled, so full refunds can be made. We can however at our discretion issue a full or partial refund if we feel the reasons  for the cancellation are valid and beyond your control, However we will require in writing a full and detailed description of your reasons for making the cancellation so as we, the partners can decided if they warrant  No Refund, a Full Refund, or a Partial Refund, Once we have made our decision on this matter you will be informed of the outcome, and there after we will not enter into any discussions or correspondence on this matter.  Our decision will be final.  Should a cancellation be for reasons beyond our control then a Full refund would be issued, we are under no legal obligation what so ever to issue refunds of deposits, if you should decide to cancel an event, we will however at our discretion move the cash value, less 20% administration fee to one of our future events. should we do this, then these places cannot be transferred to another person without our prior consent, and another 20% administration fee will be payable for us to change all the relevant paperwork.

All final invoice payments are to be received by Bristol jive club, not less than 72 days prior to the commencement date of the event.

No allowances will be made for absence or meals not taken.

All late final invoice payments for which we have to send a reminder letter will incur a £25.00 administration charge (as will any alterations to bookings) . Bristol Jive Club, and Rockin' 50's promotions reserve the right to claim interest and compensation if the final balance invoice is paid outside of our agreed terms, under the Late Payment Of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

All bookings are treated as individual bookings.

Cancellation charges that will apply
Once the final balance invoice has been sent out, the full balance then becomes payable to Bristol Jive Club,
If you cancel your booking within 72 days prior to the commencement of any event which you have booked with Bristol Jive Club, for any reason once we have sent out your final balance payment invoice then the full balance outstanding will still be payable to Bristol Jive Club. This is a condition that you agree to by signing and returning our booking form.
If you are in a position where you need to cancel a booking, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to help. If possible we will re-sell your place for the full amount of the booking and return any deposits paid to you but this is a goodwill gesture by ourselves, and your attention is drawn to section 4 above.

As with all credit agreements you are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period, this will commence as from the date your submit your booking form.


5/1 Bristol jive club & Rockin 50's promotions,will not accept, nor can we be held responsible for any injury caused to a person or persons as a result of, trips, slips,falls, or stumbles of any kind on a dance floor laid by us or not,
5/2 Dancing at any event organised by bristol jive club & rockin 50's promotions is entirely at your own risk, and we would advise you not to dance in high heels for your own safety. It is advised that you only wear flat sole shoes should you dance and not high heels, we cannot be held resopnsible for any falls or trips hower caused.
5/3 No food or drink to be taken onto the dance floor at anytime, No outside food or drink to be brought into or consumed in the venue.
5/4 Any concerns any person should have in relation to the dance floor should be reported to the event team,and we shall pass your concerns onto the venue owner.
5/4 It is prohibited for any person to enter the stage area, or to climb onto the stage at anytime or after a performance, if you do so against our instructions then you or any person shall forfit any right you may of had in relation to any injury that may arise, you will also be responsible for the full replacement cost of any equipment you may damage as a result of you climbing onto the stage, there is a risk of electrical shock.
5/5 DJ, Equipment, it is not permitted for any person to touch or use the dj equipment withour prior consent, unless you are employed to do so, there is a risk of electrical shock.
5/6 Warning tapes are put down for your protection, any cables that are secured down with, black tape/ blue tape/ black & yellow tape should not be walked on as there is a risk of electrical shock.
5/7 Any area marked off with black & yellow tape should not be walked on, or entered, these areas have possible danger risks such as electrical items or circuits, electrical cables, light stands, speaker stands, extenion boxes, large speaker rigs, multicore power cables, and other items that could be considered dangerous, Anyone or any person doing so does so at their own risk knowing the dangers.
None of these terms and conditions affect your statutory rights.

Where meals are provided on a weekend break, details are specified in the brochure (e.g. bed and breakfast, half-board etc.) when requesting vegetarian or special diet meals, it should be appreciated that the standard and choice is likely to be limited.
Rooms with a view:
When a room is described as having a sea view or other view, this may be partially obscured by trees or other obstacles.

Single person supplement.

The single person supplement is a charge made by the hotel which is passed directly onto your booking. The supplement applies even though you may have a single room.

Hotel description:
Our hotel descriptions are based on the information available at the time of printing our brochure. However it should be borne in mind that changes may occur after the date of publication. there may be occasions especially in the low season, when facilities may be withdrawn by the hotel owners. a swimming pool may need cleaning or a bar/restaurant may be closed for redecoration, similarly air-conditioning or swimming pools mentioned in the hotels description may at the hoteliers discretion, only be available at certain times of the year. These changes are regrettably beyond our control, and we reserve the right to change the particulars in the brochure, we will however keep you informed at all times of any changes that we need to make. We will do our very best to make sure that any changes will not affect your enjoyment.
Mr W J Warren,
Chairman, Bristol Jive Club,UK and Rockin' 50's Promotions.
January 2000